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14 July 2007

CellTrack now available for S60 3rd Edition!!

CellTrack is a very well know freeware application that collects some phone information about the cell you are connected to (just like the Nokia’s net monitor) for 2nd edition phones and now it is ported to huge 3rd edition family.

The work on the version for the 3rd generation of the Symbian OS is still in progress but Mr. A. Fischer has finished and released the first version of the untested and unsigned CellTrack application, application is still in some kind of beta state and some thing have to be fixed but I’ve just test it on my Nokia N95 and it works just fine.

Sure, he plans to sign it when all things will be verified by using the software, until that you can try it by self signing method if you one of those lucky guys who have the certificate already.

Otherwise you'll have to wait because the self signing process is down and its questionable when the self signing process will be available again, if ever will.

Main window

The main screen shows the GSM information.
the id from the actual cell
the Location Area Code from your cell
the net you are moving in - e.g. 262 for Germany and 02 for Vodafone. If a W-CDMA/UMTS cell is present is shown here. The number has still 4 digits.
the name of the cell. This is shown by an algorithm when you select'' in the config. Or from the cell broadcast when you have turned '' on and have defined a service number. Otherwise one a '-' is shown.
shows the quality of the receive signal. The percentage value is taken from the Nokia phone API. The dBm values is covered with an at command.
should show the capacity of your battery
shows the information from the database.

The direction to the cell is generated from the cell id. E.g. the cell looks to the north direction so you see it in the south. See this page

Other Views in main window

Cell 2 - holds a little bit more info. If a W-CDMA/UMTS he number has 8 digits.
Cell Pic - shows you a picture of your cell. You have to place it first in the pics directory in your CellTrack path. The picture has a name like this:
256301FE26202.jpg if you cell is 2563 in LAC 01FE in country 262 by provider 02 (Cell (hex.) + LAC (hex.) + country + net).

Phone - an info about your phone

Cell list
This view shows a list from the cached cells.
From here you go to edit the cell description.
Only when the cell name is edited it goes to the database.


  • Log Mode - handles the different modes for logging. Press the fire key for manual log.
  • Direction means: get the direction from the cell id. There a three systems reported to me:
    • the Direction is build from the last digit and 123 and 789 carries the information
    • the first digit has the direction information with 01, 23 or 45 as the same view
    • the Direction is build from the last digit but 123 and 789 carries the same information
  • Cell names from id generates a name like German D2 net. This works from the cell id, e.g. 9571 becomes XXB957A.
  • Cell names from CBS fills the name with the broadcast service for cell name. When this option is selected with the 'Cell Changes' option the log writer waits for receiving the name before saving.
  • CBS service number is the required number for this service (e.g. Vodafone Germany 833, Vodafone Australia 50).
  • Beep on unknown cells
  • Beep on cell signal better or equal -53 dBm
  • Database compress. Please generate a new database when change this  mode. In compressed mode the database saves the space but the saving of the edit costs a lot of  time when the database is great (>2000).
  • Light always on stops at 30% battery power

Log file
The log files are save in the ?:\Nokia\Others\CellTrack directory.
Log file formats:
1. trace.log - continues logging - tab separated
Date, time, cell (dec.), LAC (dec.), country, net, signal, signal dBm, cell name, info 20030918 0442 9571 510 262 02 80% -88 HXB957A no info
2. dbx.clf - used for new station logs - tab separated
This log file is only saved when the program closes - use trace.log first and change your configuration before you close to get both log files.
Cell (hex.) + LAC (hex.) + country + net, info

Cell database
The clf file format is also used to show cell information. All databases are stored in ?:\Nokia\Others\CellTrack. Belongs to the installation. Use country and net for filename (e.g. 26202.clf for German D2 net). The clf file is converted to an internal database to have a fast search engine. It is not editable because the database is compressed. Select in the config menu 'Generate DB' (takes a little time).
The database only holds the cell id and the description. The description can have 100 characters.

You will find clf files on this address Senderliste (German but contains also links to international sites).

Developer: A. Fischer
Author: Phil ft. Apoc

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