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+ Freeware: ‘DJ Mixer’ Nokia's application for Nseries

23 June 2007

Nokia DJ Mixer for Nseries Models
For the mobile DJ in you

Samsung moviMCPNokia India has just launched a new remixing application for Nokia Nseries music edition devices. Called ‘DJ Mixer’, this application allows users to remix sounds and then convert them into sound tracks.

DJ Mixer is new application from Nokia will make it easy to record and edit music files right on their mobile phones from now on. DJ Mixer is available for several Nseries phone models.

Mobile phones with integrated Mp3 players are not such a big thing right now, as most handsets come with such performances. Nokia has managed to find a service which is not that common for most devices and which will bring a considerable possibility for personalization.

DJ Mixer will be most appealing for those who like to consider themselves masters of sound mixing but also for those who just like to have fun with their favorite tracks.

This Nokia Nseries application will allow its users to record songs and then re-mixing them with other tracks. Songs can be downloaded from a large number of online stores or simply be transferred from their PC.

Being a DJ always sounds like a fun thing to do, as even the amateurs can enjoy playing with well known tracks and making one of their own, by combining those available.

Similar such programs have proved to be highly popular on PCs and by adding some mobility it has high chances of being successful.

Being a DJ is quite a common dream among many people nowadays, which makes this application sound like excellent practice for celebrity.

The downloading process is quite easy to go through. All that the Nseries phone owner has to do is to type in their name, email and phone number at Nokia's website or visit the mobile phone page right from their handsets.

DJ Mixer will work only on Nseries phone models N73ME, N80, N93, N93i, N95, N73, N91 and N91ME.

Downloading and installing this application is free of any costs and you can request it right from the Nokia's India website

Or simply get it right:
.:[ here for 352*416 (N80) ]:.
.:[ here for QVGA (N95, N73, etc) ]:.

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