+ Nokia N80 :: RM-92 MCU SW v5.0719.0.2

20 June 2007

Major firmware update for Nokia N80
(MCU SW 5.0719.0.2)

Well, there is no doubt that actual N80's firmware(4.0707.0.7) is the very buggy as has been proven by lots of people that have been complaining about bugs with the v4 Nokia N80 firmware version which probably brings more bugs than it fixes and therefore I am so happy to say that long awaited update is finally available.

Nokia has released a new major (SW v5.0) firmware update for Nokia N80.

Firmware 5.0719.0.2 is already available and supported via the NSU and will be available progressively at the official Nokia Points and Nokia Service Points in the next few days.

As usually, this release should improve the Nokia N80 performance as well as fix known bugs and problems from previous versions.

I would like to give you a little bit more information about new release but sadly we are still looking for the change log, so if you know something more please let us know.

Anyway, please join discussion at our forum section and tell us how it looks like after update.

Source: SF forum Author: Apoc' ft. TCH

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