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+ VIDEO: Nokia N95 - TV out, another great feature

27 February 2007

Nokia N95 - TV out,
another great feature of several Nseries devices

YouTube MobileWell, here I am with another great or not so great video from Nokia N95 series and another nice feature that I’ll try to show out.

In episode No. 3 I’m showing TV out, although phone isn’t connected on the TV this time, instead of TV, phone screen is projected on the wall over the projector and it looks even more impressive than on the TV screen in my personal opinion.

Apart from the attractive GPS, famous 5mpx camera sensor, DVD like video recorder and large screen, TV out is the one of the most excited feature of this device.

Small, ~2 or ~3 inch displays that are common to smartphones nowadays are huge barrier for enjoying in multimedia contents because they limit the user viewing experience.

Nokia knows that and has the solution; same as N93 and N93i, Nokia N95 features TV out but while the N93 use wobbly pop-port for TV out N95 has much better solution and provide TV out over the improved standard 3.5 mm audio connector that features one more contact and therefore can be used for the TV out with stereo sound, for the headset as well as for the headphones.

As I said, feature is implemented over the 3.5 mm connector and phone transfer signal via the supplied cable that provides composite video out via the 3-way RCA connectors. All you have to do is to connect phone to TV and screen will immediately appear on the TV.

TV out practically means that we are not limited on the small phone screen anymore and that we can share captured moments, images and videos with our friends or family on the large TV screen. It is really nice to know that you can capture videos and immediately share it with your friends and leave them ability to rate your video directing skills.

N95 tv out N95 tv out N95 tv out
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Of course, mainly it is aimed to be used for playing multimedia contents like, images, recorded or downloaded video clips or even music over your home audio system but in practice it offers much more. It allows you to browse the phone and particularly use all of the available applications through the TV screen, you can browse the net, play games, or edit office document with some nice music in the background and in most situations, actually in all situations apart the gallery, the TV provides exactly the same picture as the phone screen, its even possible to use TV as the viewfinder, my congratulations go straight to Nokia’s team of engineers that have worked on implementation of this feature.

Quality of the video clips on TV screens is acceptable, but video definitely doesn’t looks as good as on the phone screen. Images can be watched in slideshow mode with some music in the background and the only feature I could not find so far is the possibility to zoom into an image in TV mode.

Gaming on the TV screen is also pretty useful, although I have to admit that it cannot be compared with the Play Station ;) but so far I’ve tried System Rush, Sky force, Snake 3D and I can say that it is pretty nice way to impress your friends and show how powerful piece of hardware you have and what the OMAP2420 is capable to do in practice.

YouTube videos on the Nokia N95
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Quality of the video isn’t as good as usually, mainly because of the lack of the enough time, I was in hurry, battery was on the end, almost empty actually and I had to take few brief photos and the video as well, so please, don’t complain about quality. With apologies in advance to all of those that will waste some time for downloading this video and not be satisfied with the content or the quality.

Get the mobile version, QVGA, mp4 ~6MB)

.:[ right click & Save target as ]:.

Lust but not less important projector technology has improved considerably in the last few years, but although brightness, contrast, and color are better than ever, size still remains an issue for those looking for a truly portable device.

I’ve already wrote few times about mini projectors and I truly hope that we’ll get projector small enough to fit inside our pockets or maybe even embedded in further mobile device, allowing us to truly enjoy the big picture wherever we are.

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