Mobile Web browsing just got easier with the unveiling of a new version of Web Browser for S60





+ Open Source Web Browser Unveiled for S60 Devices

17 October 2006

Nokia introduces a new version of Web browser for S60 3rd Edition FP1

Mobile Web browsing just got easier with the unveiling of a new version of Web Browser for S60. Faster and easier to use than its highly acclaimed predecessor, the new Web Browser for S60 is available with S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1.

A host of new features have been introduced to make browsing even more desktop-like than before. The new version is also the only Web browser that supports WML, XHTML and HTML, eliminating the need for multiple Web browsers on a device to access full Web content, as well as mobile-optimized content.

A big draw for users

Safari in practice
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These new features, functions and performance enhancements will highlight the browser as a major selling point, encouraging more users to buy S60 smartphones, claims Craig Cumberland, who heads Marketing and Strategy for Browser for S60, comments: “We have already seen evidence of the browser drawing consumers to S60, many of whom were disappointed by the earliest mobile browsing experiences. Phone consumers appreciate the power and flexibility they get with an S60 device, in no small part because of the desktop-like experience they get with the Web Browser for S60.”

Craig goes on to say that the new browser has been incredibly well received by operators given a preview. “All have said that Web Browser for S60 is the top mobile browser and provides the best user experience. Even some operators who don’t carry S60 devices want to be part of the development and refinement process - it has brought people to the table.”

Browsing is a key application for operators because Nokia studies of S60 smartphone users have shown that nearly three quarters of all data traffic comes from Web browsing, and the desktop-like experience that the S60 browser provides is the optimal environment for mobile browsing.

Open for all

Another key aspect of the Web Browser for S60 is its open source foundation. Open source software accelerates innovation by making it easy to develop rich S60 applications on top of the browser, using open APIs and latest Web technologies.

“S60 gave the open source code back to the community in May this year and we are actively contributing to the open source community so that the entire industry can take advantage of the developments,” explains Ganesh Sivaraman from Web Browser for S60 marketing. “With the latest version of the browser, application developers need no new tools or language skills, just their existing knowledge of Symbian and S60 code.”

Fast access to information

In addition to building the new features, much of the development work for the new browser version focused on fine-tuning memory use and performance.

According to Ganesh, the result is a much faster responding User Interface. “Several people that we have demonstrated the new version to have commented about how much faster it renders Web pages than the previous version.”

Viewing Web Feeds is also much improved. “Feeds now support the Atom format (in addition to RSS) and the browser renders feeds in HTML. Previously, feeds could only be viewed as short text summaries, but with the new version, thumbnail images, full text and links are all rendered,” explains Ganesh.

Meeting the Web future

Craig says the new browser version is an essential step in meeting the demands of ongoing and future Web technology developments. The whole industry is renewing its Internet strategy. Many pundits are talking about the mobile Web as being the new frontier and we will see a lot of mobile services being developed using Web technologies over the next couple of years.

“The new Web Browser for S60 is leading the way in taking advantage of new Web technologies. We will see many cool applications being built on top of the browser for both consumer and enterprise users. And with open sourcing these developments will be achieved in leaps and bounds, making the mobile Internet better for all,” concludes Craig.

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