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+ TV-on-mobile for Symbian smartphones a reality

10 October 2006

Atelier makes TV-on-mobile
for Symbian smartphones a reality

Atelier has integrated the latest Digital Video Broadcast – Handheld (DVB-H) chip from NXP Semiconductors into a working prototype featuring live Mobile Digital TV reception in a Symbian OS™ environment.

“Working with Atelier, we have proven that our second generation BGT215 front end receiver is Symbian OS compatible,” said Rutton Ruttonsha, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Business Line Personal Entertainment, NXP Semiconductors.

“By using hardware that is pre-validated to work with Symbian OS, OEMs and ODMs can reduce the time needed to ensure compatibility between components and software and enjoy a faster time-to-market for Symbian-based TV-on-mobile handsets”.

“Mobile phone manufacturers can take advantage from the low-power, reduced footprint BGT215 DVB-H chip combined with the software adaptation layer and integration expertise of Atelier for the creation of Mobile TV enabled handsets”, said Marc Menschenfreund, CEO of Atelier. “Our collaboration with NXP enables customers to focus on the unique features of their mobile phones and not on the overly complex effort required for Digital TV integration into a mobile phone design”.

“We’re seeing a growing public interest in the dramatic potential of TV on mobile phones”, said David Wood, Executive Vice President Research, Symbian. “However, there's still a great deal of complexity to create such digital TV capable handsets. The integrated solution from technology leaders NXP Semiconductors and Atelier, running on Symbian OS, provides phone manufacturers with a significant step forwards to this important goal”.

The Atelier / NXP Semiconductors DVB-H mobile Digital TV reference implementation for Symbian OS will be demonstrated at the Symbian Smartphone Show, taking place at ExCeL, London, 17-18th October 2006 on the Atelier stand number 47.

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About Atelier
Atelier is a leading provider and integrator of software solutions and offers consulting, software development and systems integration services to mobile phone manufacturers, semiconductor and technology vendors worldwide to accelerate the creation of wireless and embedded products. Atelier offers unique telephony integration expertise and the most comprehensive portfolio of market proven cellular telephony software layers for Open OS-based mobile phones and devices, available for most wireless protocol stacks, chipsets and modems. Atelier partners with leading semiconductor, cellular and Digital TV chipset vendors to create complete reference designs that help handset and original design manufacturers significantly reduce the time-to-market of next generation mobile phones. Atelier is a Symbian Platinum Partner, a S60 Wireless Technology Provider and a S60 Contractor. For more information, please visit

Source: Atelier news Author: Apocalypso

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