Opera 8.65 for S60 phones is out





+ Opera 8.65 for S60 phones is out

29 August 2006

Opera 8.65 for S60 phones
Get the full Internet experience
on your mobile phone

Opera has today released v8.65 of its very popular web browser for Symbian S60 Phones.

With the award-winning Opera Mobile browser you can surf the same Web sites on your mobile phone as you do on your personal computer.

The Opera 8.65 mobile Web browser for Symbian S60 is designed with speed and ease-of-use in mind, so you can surf the Web with your mobile phone quickly and easily. No hassle, just fast browsing.

This release address known bugs to date from previous versions (improved password manager, improved interaction with zoom, improved download handling, multiple stability improvements), as well as having some new features, features like:

  • New title bar leaves more screen space for Web page
  • Two-key keypad shortcuts are now the default. All shortcuts start with #. One-key setting is available
  • When in two-key shortcut mode, type directly into form fields when they have focus, no need to activate
  • Web site access keys available when in two-key shortcut mode
  • Options renamed to "Menu"
  • Customizable shortcuts for Zoom in/out, Page up/down, and Open new window added.

Main features of the Opera Mobile browser

Two rendering modes Two rendering modes

The Opera Mobile browser lets you select between two different rendering modes: Fit to screen adapts the Web page so there is no need for horizontal scrolling and the best choice for phones with a standard screen resolution like the Nokia N70. On phones with a higher screen resolution, like the Nokia N80, both the desktop display mode and fit to screen mode makes sense. Why not try out both and see which mode you prefer.

With version 8.65 Opera will also remember the render mode you last used on start up.

Improved user interface Improved user interface

Opera 8.65 comes with a new fresh look, that makes the most of your phone's screen. It has new and slimmer scrollbars, new buttons and form elements with rounded shapes and a blue highlighting feature to make it easy to find your way on any Web page.

The new blue highlighting shows you where you are by highlighting links, forms elements and images.

NEW! With version 8.65 you can now start typing directly in search fields and forms without first having to click on the field.

NEW! With version 8.65 you get more space for the Web content, with only minimal space occupied with the toolbars and menus.

NEW! Version 8.65 comes with an improved home page, with a Web address field, Google search and a Top 10 list of your most frequently visited Web pages for easy access.

All keypad shortcuts customizable NEW
Using keypad shortcuts for efficient browsing

Once you have familiarised yourself with mobile browsing, you might want to do it even faster. By using the keypad as shortcut to the most important functions you will get things done faster than before. In Opera 8.65 you can customize all shortcut keys with a number of useful new functions.

NEW! With version 8.65 shortcut functions are enabled by first clicking # then a key. For example, to enter a Web address, press # then 1. Experienced users can still use one-key shortcuts by selecting this in settings.

URL Auto Complete Web address auto Complete

With Web address auto complete, Opera will make suggestions while you type, based on your browsing history and bookmarks. Once you've tried it, you will never go back...


Open page in new window
Open page in new window

Opera 8.65 lets you keep up to four open windows at the same time, and switch easily between them using either the menu or a shortcut. Each window can have its own settings for zoom levels and page display options, just as you are familiar with from the Opera desktop version.

Password manager

Password manager

A password manager saves time and makes it easier to use a mobile browser. The password manager remembers your username and password for each website so you don't have to type it in more than once.

The password manager is using encryption to store the password information, and gives the user the option of having a master password for extra security.

If you are using webmail services or intranet services frequently, the password manager is a must!

Zoom featureZoom

Opera 8.65 has a real time zoom for viewing Web pages. Unlike other mobile browsers that can only zoom images or change font size, Opera will zoom the entire page including layout. Using the zoom is easy and gives you the flexibility to get the big picture or get closer for better readability.

Smooth scrolling

Smooth scrolling and page up/page down

For previous Opera users, you will quickly discover the new smooth scrolling when you first try Opera 8.65. It works in both rendering modes and really makes it easy to navigate on Web pages while focusing on readability.

The new Page up / Page down feature is good both for reading articles and for quick browsing down a page. And because it's so good to use we've even included it as default shortcut keys.

NEW! With 8.65 you can even have shortcuts for Page left and Page right for browsing in desktop mode.

...and much more
... and much more

Opera 8.65 has a wide range of features and functionality, but with continued focus on speed and usability. Here are just a few more features you can find in the browser:

For more information, read the Opera 8.65 changelog

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