Nokia N70 ::
v 3.0546.2.3
v 5.0609.2.0.1





+ Nokia N70 :: RM-84 v3.0546.2.3 to v5.0609.2.0.1

23 March 2005

Nokia N70 :: RM-84 MCU SW
v3.0546.2.3 to v5.0609.2.0.1

Nokia has released a new firmware version for Nokia N70.

Firmware 5.0609.2.0.1 will be available progressively in the next few days in the official Nokia Points and Nokia Service Points.

This release should improve the Nokia N70 performance as well as fixing known bugs and problems from previous versions.

Read more in short the bulletin of the changes issued from Nokia.

Nokia N70 New features in MCU SW 5.0609.2.0.1:

Known issues

  • Intermittent ringtone issue


  • A note implemented to the end user when activating Bluetooth from “Settings” menu, if the Bluetooth profile is set to hidden.

Music Player Improvements

  • Scanning both phone & MMC memory.
  • Better playlist support.
  • Active Idle plugin support.
  • Improve supported media.
  • Better support for Albums & Artist meta data.


  • The X-Oma-Drm-SD header implemented.

Changes/improvements made from
MCU SW v 3.0546.2.3 to 5.0609.2.0.1:

User Interface
  • Sensitivity of Brightness Modification in Image Editor increased.
  • Flash lite support in Media Gallery reintroduced.
  • Speed of Returning from sequence post-capture view with many images increased.
  • Active Standby icon for e-mail correctly aligned.
  • Autolock/Anykey relationship realigned.
  • Night mode icon modified.
  • PIN code request sequence set correctly. Sleep mode behavior now appropriate


  • Camera StartUp time improved.
  • Camera behavior in relation to “keypad lock” improved.
  • Switching to secondary camera in video mode when burst is enabled.
  • Sequencing improved.
  • Sequence capture behavioral improvements when application closes.
  • Closing Left Navi Key no longer adversely affects saving sequence images.
  • Long sequence capture retains images.
  • Error note handling improved.


  • Inserting MMC will not close Gallery.
  • When adding thumbnails from folder - images now shown.
  • Added Image resolution is correctly aligned.
  • Slide show with music. Improvements in audio level settings and call handling behaviour.
  • Image counter updated when memory card is replaced.
  • Music Player allows battery low warnings to be displayed.
  • JPEG decoding improved.


  • Notepad now opens large text files.
  • Creating audio-only clip in high quality mode (MP4) allowed.
  • MMS postcard name entering improved.
  • Access point configurator application and database improvements.
  • Chinese language FM radio: Selecting profile sequence corrected.


  • View certificate details for DRM content displayed correctly.
  • Opening OMA DRM protected audio/mp3 files in Browser facilitated.


  • Handset stability improved when using SAT menu originated SMS services.
  • 'Memory card not available' note disappears when appropriate after closing embedded app.


  • When search label is used for selecting the attachment to MMS, correct sequence takes place.
  • Wrongly formatted SIP addresses no longer cause handset to freeze.


  • Reliability of Bluetooth connectivity improved.
  • Audio quality of voice command with BT headsets improved.

Video Sharing/Streaming

  • VS Cancel sequence correctly aligned.
  • Real player closing sequence after ISHO realigned.
  • “Video Sharing" prompts now appear when appropriate.

Call Processing

Cellular Signaling

  • Video telephony Inter Operability optimized.
  • RSSI measurements in 2G re-evaluated.



  • Performance has been maximized by improving the 2G > 3G reselection algorithm.

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