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Postby Arvis » 23 Dec 2010, 11:54

fahad2mail wrote:
Arvis wrote:Yeah I'm quite sure of that. However, I've never found pleasing to listen music from any mobile device, need something bigger.

than you are dangerous....... :P

try 905i, for most awesome sound. or you can even try bh-504. low price but awesome sound and almost on par with bh-905i. i will write a review later about bh-504. i bet you can't listen to music with this headphone with highest volume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:

I think I could, I'd just eventually hear worse. :P

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Postby arun8gb » 23 Dec 2010, 17:37

Wait till feb, MWC :P
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Postby fabbriche » 25 Jan 2011, 05:55

I don't know about you guys but my N8 sounds better than my N91. N91 used to be the benchmark in audio quality. It's the loudest among all phones I've tried but there are some distortion on high frequencies. N8's audio output is just perfect. All sound elements are clear, and bass is fuller.

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Postby fahad2mail » 11 Feb 2011, 17:47

for me, best sound output from a mobile is iphone 4g.

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