Nokia WP devices to be powered with ST-Ericsson chipset!

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Postby Apocalypso » 02 Nov 2011, 12:22

Nokia Picks ST-Ericsson As Key Supplier Of Chipset Platforms For Future Windows Phone Devices?


ST-Ericsson, a global leader in wireless platforms and semiconductors, has announced today that they’re preparing chips for Nokia to use with its future Windows Phone based smartphones.

So far Microsoft has allowed use of its software only on Qualcomm's chipsets, but according to official press release Nokia has selected ST-Ericsson as a supplier for future devices it plans to introduce based on the Windows Phone mobile platform just as we predicted couple of months ago.

"We are pleased to have been selected by Nokia as a key partner for Windows smartphones, in line with our goal to be present in all segments and major operating systems," said Gilles Delfassy, president and CEO of ST-Erics.. .. .

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Postby SandySF » 02 Nov 2011, 18:48

I read same news back in feb.
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Postby TAMHAN » 02 Nov 2011, 23:02

Doesnt surprise me too much - going all QualComm was sure to piss off partners. I wonder when Samsung will be allowed to use its HummingBird CPUs

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