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+ JoikuSpot Turns Your Nokia 5800 Into Wi-Fi HotSpot

03 February 2008

JoikuSpot Light For 5th Ed
Turn Your Nokia 5800 Into Wi-Fi HotSpot

JoikuSpotJoikuSpot Light is a freeware mobile software solution that turns a Symbian S60 Smartphone to a Wi-Fi HotSpot.

JoikuSpot enables S60 Smartphone to share it's 3G internet connection wirelessly over WLAN with any compatible WLAN device such as laptop, other Smartphone or e.g. Apple iPod touch.

Multiple devices can connect to JoikuSpot in parallel and seamlessly share the same 3G internet connection. JoikuSpot acts thus as an internet gateway to external WLAN devices.

JoikuSpot is easy to use network application that delivers a truly seamless and effortless wireless experience. When turned on, external WLAN devices can discover the open JoikuSpot and establish internet connection wirelessly using the mobile phone's 3G internet connection.

JoikuSpot users may consider whether they need a physical internet connection at all (e.g. ADSL) in certain remote locations such as summer cottages or if they any more wish to pay for the costly internet services offered by many hotels, airports or conference centres. The most cost-efficient usage can be achieved with unlimited mobile data plans offered by many operators.

JoikuSpot can offer internet service for instance while on a train or car. JoikuSpot is fast. Compared to e.g. Bluetooth connection, WLAN connection is several times faster. JoikuSpot is based on Joikusoft's patent pending technology.

According to the Joikusoft Oy Founder and CEO Mr. Lasse Maki "Internet should be easily and cost-efficiently accessible everywhere, and Joikusoft aims to enable that with the JoikuSpot innovation."

About Joikusoft
Joikusoft is an innovation house focusing on mobility. Joikusoft is a privately held company, founded in 2007, and headquartered in Garden City, Espoo, Finland

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Source: Author: wiluis10 and Teo

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