+ My Favourite File Explore Just Got a Major Update

01 May 2009

X-Plore Gets An Update
More Finger-Friendly And Easier To Use

X-PloreAfter shorter period of closed beta testing, Lonely Cat Games Dev Team have announced the major update for my favourite file manager for S60 devices which is now more finger friendly and fully compatible with 5th edition of S60 devices, aiming at greater efficiency and productivity!

The just released version [1.31] fixes several minor issues and brings impressive user interface enhancements in form of on screen commands that provide significant productivity gains in everyday operations.

Same as with their ProfiMail application, longer press on a certain element such as file or folder will activate handy 'pop-up circle' with up to five finger friendly options that delivers instant benefits compared with conventional techniques for controlling applications on touchscreen devices.

This release also fixes the quite annoying issue with inability to activate and use onscreen keyboard which means that now you can rename files, create folders and execute search just like on the 3rd edition devices.

As I have already said numerous times, probably the most interesting thing about the LCG’s applications is fact that authors completely ignore the Nokia 'Nokia User Interface Guidelines' and force their own interface that brings entirely new experience to boring classic S60 UI with lot of wasted space and therefore you should give it a try.

X-Plore X-Plore

X-plore, is a powerful file management utility for Symbian devices, with wide range of functions on phone's file system and Windows Explorer-like environment, a way better solution than the very limited default Nokia’s browser.

It has access to all drives and all folders (you'll need to hack your phone to get access to caged directories) and it implements all standard features such as file/folder manipulation. You can copy, move or delete files and entire folders, create folders, create and unpack Zip archives, it also has integrated text and image viewer and much, much more.

Source: SF forum Author: Teo and Biggzy

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