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+ ShakeSMS Now Supports FP2 Phones And Nokia 5800!!

13 February 2009

ShakeSMS Gets Support For
New Sensor Framework and Nokia 5800

ShakeSMSTon Ren, developer of few very popular accelerometer based applications for S60 devices has rolled out a major update for his 'SMS shaker '.

Same as with FlipSilent the main improvement is addition of the support for the new sensor framework which makes it compatible with most of the latest N and Eseries devices including the Nokia N96, Nokia N85, Nokia N79, 6210 Navigator and Nokia E66.

Finally, and possibly even most importantly, application is now fully compatible with the 5th ed devices and I can confirm that it works just fine on my Nokia 5800!

Great Marble Maze game, Nokia's Step Counter, Hi-N-Bye, Rock-N-Scroll, Inclinometer, FlipSilent, number of compatible applications slowly grows and situation is definitely getting better for owners of the 3rd FP2 devices although it is still not even close to the various different applications and games available for the phones based on the older sensor framework.

Anyway, the main intention is to reduce the number of necessary steps that we are usually taking when we reading an incoming message. With ShakeSMS it is enough to shake the phone once, read message and than shake it once again to go back to the idle screen and lock the phone.

The only problem is that application is unsigned and it requires hacked phone as you can’t sign it with the Open Signed Online. Alternatively you can donate few bucks to get updated (BETA) version by email (few days before public) to make wishes on functionalities of new versions and of course, he’ll sign it for you if you having problems.

Main Functionality(V1.00 Beta):

Sensor Timerout: 30, 60, 90, 120 (seconds) ---- To save Battery

Sensitivity: Very, Less, Normal, Not so, Not Sensitive ---- how hard you have to shake

Shake New SMS: View&Unlock, ViewOnly ---- When New SMS is In

Shake Again: HomeScreen&Lock, OnlyLock, OnlyHomeScreen ---- Shake a Second Time

Auto Start: No, Yes, Yes&Hide ---- Start the Application automatically

ShakeSMS Demo

Source: Donation program Author: Teo

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