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+ FriendChat: Facebook Chat App For Symbian Devices

16 November 2010

Simple, Stylish And Really Easy To Use
Facebook Chat Application For Symbian Devices

FriendChatCouple of days ago I came across small, simple but yet useful application that provides Symbian users with an instant messaging service and ability to connect to your online facebook friends instantly and chat away as much as you like.

As the popularity of Facebook, the world’s largest social network community continues to grow and grow, so does the demand for its users to stay in touch while on the move and if you love Instant Messaging and love Facebook, you'll love this app to!

There are a number of Instant Messaging (IM) apps already for the Symbian platform that integrate with several existing, popular messaging services such as AOL’s AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Gadu Gadu, ICQ, Facebook, Jabber and Windows Live Messenger into a single application but FriendChat is the first one that only connects you to your Facebook friends.

The app is simple, stylish and really easy to use. With its smooth layout and crisp design, FriendChat makes it easy for users to see if their Facebook friends are currently online, ping them, and start chatting right away.

Key features include responsive instant messaging with Facebook friends and a multiple chat option which provides the handy ability to switch between active chats. It makes instant messaging quick, easy, and simple whilst on the move and ensures FriendChat really is a Facebook users best friend.

FriendChat FriendChat
*click to enlarge

“The FriendChat app is a quick and fun way to chat with your Facebook mates. With most of the people that matter most to you already on your friends list, this is the best instant messaging app for users of the world’s most popular social network.” Rupert Englander, Head of Services, Nokia UK

FriendChat FriendChat
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Created by the UK-based Bolser Agency, FriendChat was developed using Qt, ensuring a high quality user experience.  The app is compatible with both Nokia Symbian OS, S60 5.0 devices, as well as the newest Nokia Symbian devices, like the Nokia N8. It is free to download from Ovi Store.

s the application is developed in QT it may require a one-time download of components as large as 13 MB so use of WLAN during installation is highly is recommended!!!

Source: Author: Teo

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