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+ GreenExplorer Widget: Make an impact without leaving one

12 December 2008

Greenexplorer Allows You
To Make An Impact Without Leaving One

GreenExplorerLast week at Nokia World the beta version of a new sustainable travel planning service was introduced.

Called GreenExplorer, it helps people make more sustainable travel decisions is available via your mobile device by simply downloading a widget or by going to

GreenExplorer provides information on a range of travel issues including tips on the most sustainable methods of transport, eco-friendly places to visit, and a way to offset the CO2 emissions from your trip if you have to fly.

It is also a place for travellers to share advice on a range of issues: from the best travel routes to where to find organic food, or recommendations for the best eco-friendly hotels.

The service includes information on eco-tourism from travel specialists Lonely Planet and local environmental tips from WWF, and vistors will be able to share their own tips and eco-travel ideas. In comparison to any other sort of travel guide on the market, this offers people the freshest, most up-to-date information, accessible from a mobile device. It will help to enrich trips and at the same time lessen our impact on the earth.

“Because GreenExplorer is a mobile service you can take it with you on your trip, helping you to make informed decisions about your visit and share up to date tips and hints with fellow travellers. We hope this will give people who are interested in sustainable travel some new and fun travel ideas, and create a place where these can be shared” says Minna Lindholm, Senior Environmental Manager

WTF is Widget?! I guess you're familiar with them from the desktop. Small, focused Web applications that are easy to install and use. Perfect for the small screen. Nokia has now extended the S60 browser engine to behave as a runtime platform in its own right.

Web Runtime is arriving with selected new devices and will be made available for millions of existing users through the Nokia Software Update service. Web Runtime is great for the small screen - a simple mobile web technology that can really work for you.

Through widgets, Web designers and developers can make favorite Internet experiences available with a single click from the S60 idle screen or Applications menu. The WeatherBug widget, which enables users to access the weather information they need, is one example of what widgets can do.

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