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+ HOT: ROMPatcher - S60 finally and truly open to anything!

24 April 2008

S60 is Now Truly OPEN to Anything!
ROMPatcher for S60 3rd Edition Devices!

ROMPatcherThis is really hot, amazing job and I just can't figure out what to say about it, I am completely speechless and simply can’t find right words, actually, words cannot describe how happy I am because of the FAC’s hack and the Zorn’s patch.

THAAAT'S what we were all waiting for, thanks to the our mighty FAC and discoveries made after his platform hack, another member of Symbian Freak community Mr. Zorn has managed to make the ROMPatcher and he just released the very first public version over at our forum section!

“I wonder to write on device program allowing patching ROM since I've bought my N80. I have skills for it, but capabilities... Since permissions was hacked by FCA I started, and now, I think, time to public release. This program allow you to change ROM till next reboot using patches. I think patches is good thing to improve phone functional (who has Siemens SX1 in past, should understand me) Some useful patches not available yet, but soon...” Zorn said.

In short, ROMPatcher makes the S60 platform truly and finally open to anything, this is the amazing piece of code, application allowing patching the ROM on the very easy and very secure way and our imagination is the only limit when it comes to the number of uses for it.

+ Enable Hidden Menus
+ Change Swipolicy Path (allows installing unsigned apps)

Few really interesting and handy patches appeared over at forum section already so you should go there and join the pretty active discussion related to the application, possibilities and patches.

Also t is important to say that there is no real danger for the end user, it is the very well known technique that maps ROM into RAM and then modifies it, of course, it has some downsides because patch is not a permanent and restart will clean all changes made by the little application.

Of course, it is always highly suggestible to back up phone as precaution measure and than in worst possible scenario it will be enough to format the phone and restore back up,

Big THANKS to FCA00000 and to ZoRn for all the effort and the successful making of this in the name of whole Symbian Freak community, thanks again from the bottom of our hearts, I think I'll never find the right words to thank you and to say how grateful I am!


I know some of you think I’m insane for this and that there are no two ways, hacking is bad and that’s it, but I personally tend to disagree with that statement. Hacking indeed can be a bad thing (illegally breaking into systems for example), but for me hacking is just desire to fully understand something, and I truly want to learn as much as I can about my phone, learn how it works and how to get most, is it really that bad!? After all we spent lot on money on our lovely phones and it is our right to tweak it, squeeze it, even to smash it on the floor and jump over it until beast die if we are not satisfied.


(allows installing unsigned apps)

; *** EnableHiddenMenus 1.0 ***
; *** Enable Hidden Menus ***
; Author: fca00000 , fca00000-at-yahoo-dot-es
; Date: 2008.04.18
; Firmware: tested on N80 v 5.0719.02 . Might work on preFP1+FP1
; In the main applications menu some options disappear if you select a program or a folder.
; This patch shows all of them, allowing to rename applications and creating sub-folders inside folders.
; Seems to work on preFP1, although on FP1 it doesn't show the menu to rename apps.
; For the curious people: I changed eikcoctl.dll in
; method CEikMenuPane::DeleteMenuItem
; so that it simply returns
;F8F29D56 PUSH {R0,R1,R4-R7,LR} ; patch to BX LR
;F8F29D58 SUB SP, SP, #4
;F8F29D5A LSLS R6, R0, #0
;F8F29D5C LDR R0, [R0,#0x70]
;F8F29D5E MOVS R7, #0
;F8F29D60 CMP R0, #0
;F8F29D62 BEQ loc_F8F29D66
;F8F29D64 LDR R7, [R0,#4]
; As far as I know, nothing is broken. But I decline all responsability, of course.
; Anyway, here it is. Enjoy
; end of EnableHiddenMenus

Source: SF forum Author: Teo

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