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+ Phonelocator: Freeware GPS Tracking Service for S60

21 August 2008

locate your phone - locate your loved ones


Something interesting found its way to my mailbox few minutes ago!

Phonelocator is a native S60 realtime GPS tracking application for Nokia S60 phones.

It allows you to view the location of your phone and a trail of where it has been using this website.

Phonelocator knows where you are and allows you to share your location along the way.

With Phonelocator you can always stay connected with people you care about, locate your phone or your loved ones!

Phonelocator has advanced features like "Intelligent Update" that reduces the amount of data sent by the application and "Battery Saver" that turns off the GPS when the phone is stationary or the GPS signal is too weak.

Phonelocator can be run in the background and started when your phone is booted.

Nokia N95 GPS

Phonelocator works on Nokia S60 version 3 phones with GPS. You can see a list of compatible phones here. Phonelocator sends data to a server at Your network operator may charge you for this.


Developer: Friend of mine
Author: Apoc'

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