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+ ITIS Holdings Launch Free Mobile Traffic Client For UK!

07 March 2009

Freeware Traffic Jam Solution
ITIS' Mobile Traffic Monitoring Systems

ITIS' Mobile TrafficITIS Holdings, a leading supplier of traffic and travel information, have launched a mobile phone application for the UK Market, providing real-time speed and journalistic information for all motorways and major trunk roads.

Traffic congestion is a growing problem in major urban areas and there is a large and growing necessity in the provision of services and information for people on the move, from weather reports at your destination to wireless hotspots en route.

ITIS provides high quality real time, historic and predictive traffic information for the real world applications.

Its pioneering Floating Vehicle Data technology is used to rapidly deliver traffic information on a nationwide scale and at significantly reduced cost compared to traditional fixed-sensor based systems.

People expect to be able to access the latest traffic and travel in formation before and during their journey, on demand and at their own convenience. Rroad users needs a high-quality traffic information in order to plan and adjust their routes and if you are looking for free and cost effective service look no more, this handy ITIS’ application will meets all your needs.

ITIS' Mobile Traffic Monitoring Systems
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ITIS Mobile Traffic Client is a personal solution for increasing traffic jams that is compatible with most of the S60 3rd edition devices with the built in GPS such as Nokia N96, Nokia N95 and Nokia E66. In order to get it to work, you need you need to install client application and a "map-pack".

The client sends the ITIS traffic server its GPS coordinates, and in return the server sends back traffic information for the surrounding area. GPS Data is added to the existing fleet data of around 80'000 unique vehicles per day, which is then fused with journalistic data provided by the "trafficlink" arm of ITIS.

ITIS' Mobile Traffic Monitoring Systems ITIS' Mobile Traffic Monitoring Systems

I’ve installed the application and the map pack and it works fine but unfortunately I can’t test it completely because service is initially UK exclusive. They are indeed planning to further expand its services and they are looking for testers in Milan and Munich over the next coming weeks.

So if you are interested to be part of the closed beta testing, you should contact them via the contact page on their website or through our forum section as well.

ITIS' Mobile Traffic Monitoring Systems

For more on ITIS and how its "trafficscience"
technology works, please visit

Nokia N95 GPS

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