+ Mobbler: Free mobile last.fm scrobbler for S60 3rd

13 April 2008

Mobbler BETA
Free mobile last.fm scrobbler for S60 3rd!


Do you listen to music on your Nokia s60 mobile phone? Are you a member of Last.fm? Do you love to scrobble?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then this could be just the application you are looking for.

Mobbler, Mobile Scrobbler, is a Last.fmscrobbler that works with Symbian S60 Smartphones. It allows you to scrobble from the Nokia s60 Music Player, both whist your listen to the tracks or you can store the tracks offline to be submitted later.

Speaking of the Last.fm, it is the UK-based internet radio and music community website, founded in 2002 and it is the now world's largest social music platform as they claims.

Using a music recommendation system known as "Audioscrobbler", Last.fm builds a detailed profile of each user's musical taste by recording details of all the songs the user listens to, either on the streamed radio stations or on the user's computer or portable music device.

This information is transferred to Last.fm's database ("scrobbled") via a plugin installed into the user's music player. The profile data is displayed on a personal web page. The site offers numerous social networking features and can recommend and play artists similar to the user's favourites.

Mobbler Mobbler


Download the sis file and install mobbler on you phone. If mobbler won't install and you get an error message about an invalid certificate, then this means your phone does not accept self signed applications. You will need to go to the application manager on your phone and change the software installation setting from signed only to all.


When mobbler is running on your phone it will queue the tracks you listen to using the Nokia s60 Music Player.

If you connect to last.fm, using the Connect to last.fmbutton in mobbler's options menu, mobbler will scrobble all the queued tracks in one go.

Once connected, mobbler will scrobble tracks 'live' to last.fm as you listen.

If you disconnect from last.fm, using the Disconnect button in mobbler's options menu, mobbler will close it's connection to last.fm and go back to queuing the tracks you play without submitting them 'live' to last.fm.

If you exit mobbler, using the Exit command in mobbler's options menu, mobbler will close and any tracks you listen to will not be queued or scrobbled to last.fm.

Source: SF forum & Mobbler Author: Fosron ft. Apoc

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