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+ X-SMS Gets Major Update and Restore Feature!

22 March 2009

X-SMS 2.0 by Siraj
With Backup and Restore Released

X-SMS by SirajEver thought of backing up you memorable SMS' in a cooler way inside a single text or html file with sender and time listed?

Your phone is full of SMS messages which for some reason are important to you but you can’t back-up them because S60 devices lack ability to export and store text messages permanently!?

Well, X-SMS is here to change that and it might just be what you are looking for. X-SMS is simple and easy to use SMS Exporter capable to export, restore or archive your text SMS messages into a single text or html file.

This small, simply and easy to use application just get the major update and becomes even more awesome. With the release of 2.0, X-SMS has taken a giant leap forward.

The redesigned interface and the addition of the restore option makes X-SMS the most complete freeware solution for messages management.

X-SMS by Siraj

X-SMS is a Python based application developed by our Symbian-Freak developer and beta tester team member Siraj a.k.a Apache. The given application is distributed as a freeware and without any limitations for un-commercial usage and sharing.

Requirements: two hands, a symbian phone, a smile, and python s60 updated runtime with script shells installed.

What does X-SMS do? X-SMS a small, fast, and reliable free utility to backup all of your sms inside your inbox into one .txt or .html web page so that you can view them later and the memory of your past time might just make you happy when you have a big downside-up frawn in your face.

Guess like one friend wrote you a very funny joke, or your loved ones sent lovely quotes, X-SMS lets you read and recite to remember and enjoy.

X-SMS by Siraj
Source: SF forum Author: ykbks and Apache and Teo

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