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+ Excellent Accelerometer Based Marble Madness Game

16 May 2008

Marble Madness for S60 3rd Ed devices
offers a new way to play classic marble games

Marble MadnessMarble Madness is definitely not just another oldie Atari’s Marble Game clone.

This game is closer to the game that many of us have played when we were little children where tiny ball have to make its way around the obstacles, through the wooden maze, without losing it down a hole.

The point of the game is to navigate your ball through various obstacles and reaching the goal. What separates this game from similar puzzle/maze games is that instead of controlling the marble by the keys you have to tilt your phone to move around and reach the destination.

What is also interesting about the Marble Madness is support for three different balls, Metal Ball, Rubber Ball and supper Ping-Pong ball. Of course each ball has different physical characteristic, different weight and difficult.

For example, Metal ball is hard, heavy and very fast which makes it easier to control, while the rubber ball is fast, bouncy and you have to be really gently and patient to take control over it. It's always fun to try to pass the same level with different marble because it adds an entire new dimension of each level.

Marble Madness Marble Madness

Those three different marbles can be used on any map, so basically there are 3 different ways to play each of the 40 different labyrinths which promise lot of fun with a 120 different levels. It's mesmerizing and difficult, and you'll find yourself putting other tasks aside to see if you can beat the Labyrinth. It is really challenging fun for all ages.

Marble Madness Marble Madness

The game requires skill, accuracy, and determination, and is highly addictive. The best time is recorded for each field, so you can also try to break the record once you clear a field.

it seems taht game is not a free, will keep U informed. Admin!!!

I have created a demo version of the Marble Maze for you to distribute from

Petri Pesonen
Cahoona Games

Marble Maze for Nokia N96, N85, N79, E66 and 6210 Navigator

Futuremark's 3D demo test
Source: SF forum Author: Damian Plak ft. Apoc'

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