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+ nAlertMe now supports Samsung, Nokia 3rd FP2 and 5th Ed

30 March 2009

nAlertMe Gets Supports For Samsung Gsensor
New Sensor Framework, and Nokia 5th Edition

nAlertMeCan't tell you how happy I am that Samir is back, AikonLab is alaive, and that his highly anticipated nAlertMe application just gets major update and is ready for downloading and testing!

Beta 4 version of the nAlertMe application brings bunch of improvements, minor bug fixes and the most importantly significantly increased compatibility and security. Application now supports new Nokia S60 sensor framework and should works just fine on all Nokia's S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2 devices like Nokia N96, Nokia N85, Nokia N79, 6210 Navigator, as well as to Nokia E66 which is based on the Feature Pack 1.

UI is now more finger friendly and fully compatible with Nokia’s devices based on the 5th edition of the S60 platform such as Nokia 5800 and forthcoming Nokia N97. Furthermore, there is a version optimized for the Samsung’s Gsensor that should works just fine on the Samsung INNOV8.

What is the best way to protect your phone against nasty thieves? I know, most of you would say treat your phone like the cash in the wallet, keep it in the pocket, never leave it unattended and you’ll have no problems at all.

Sounds as pretty good solution but unfortunately it's not always practical to carry the heavy Smartphone with you all the time, especially when you are on some kind of event like I was few days ago in Helsinki.

You see, I guess you won't like to carry the phone to the nearby coffee machine, I mean it is just a across the room and you’ll rather leave it on the table for a few minutes but few minutes maybe more than enough for a crafty thief to walk away with your lovely phone!

nAlertMe Demo

So what to do in such situation!? What is the best option to be sure that you’re phone will not disappear? Well, our mighty Samir just realeased his long awaited application, an alarm utility that will helps you to protect your phone!

Application uses phone’s internal motion detection system (accelerometer) and uses it as a trigger for the alarm. nAlertMe is anti-theft application for your that uses internal motion sensor to detect sudden movement and then trigger and very loud audible alarm.

nAlertMe nAlertMe

Pretty simple but yet powerful application and also what will be nice to implement is that it uses the built-in front 3G camera to capture a photo of the thief and mail it straight to your mailbox. Yeah I know, it’s just another product of my crazy imagination that will be hard to implement :]

Current version is unsigned and you need to go through the annoying Open Signed Online certification process to get it signed before installation. Of course, if you lucky owner of the hacked phone you shouldn't’t worry about, otherwise you’ll have to go through the Open signed process to get it signed.

In simple words, idea is that if you leave your phone unattended in a public space and someone tries to make off with it, accelerometer will trig the alarm and produce the loud alarm sound, and you will at least have the opportunity to give chase LOL :]


Source: Sf forum!!! Author: r4ph43l ft. Teo

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