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+ Brief: Nokia PC Suite gets un update, v6.86.9!!

09 April 2008

Nokia PC Suite v6.86.9 is ready for download!

Nokia has released a new version of the PC-Suite, version 6.86.9 is available for download. New version brings bunch of new features and fixes the known bug from the previous version. Now it is possible to view your mobile device's calendar in the main window, further more it is possible to forward, delete, and reply to text messages in the main window and brings experience the fresh appearance of applications.

Downloading is in the progress, installation file is around 30 MB and I will post on the forum section if I notice any changes beside those that are mentioned in the change lo... ..

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+ Update: Nseries PC Suite 2.0 graduates

12 March 2008

Nseries PC Suite 2.0 graduates

Nokia Nseries PC Suite is a collection of advanced applications and third-party PC applications that seamlessly link your Nokia Nseries multimedia device and your PC.

Transfer photos or videos from your device to your PC. Create a multimedia diary. Rip and copy your favorite music to your device. Synchronize your calender and contact information.

Use your device as a modern for your PC. Install the latest applications. And with Singe-Click Sync settings you can instantly synchronize all your data betwe... ..

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+ PC freeware: Nokia Text Messenger beta launched

20 February 2008

Nokia Text Messenger beta launched
(Windows Vista gadget)

After the recently announced Nokia PC Phone and My Mobile Site Widgets there is another cool stuff from Nokia Beta Labs that integrate the mobile phone into the user’s "desktop experience" and utilize the current coexistence of PC and mobile phone on the new level.

Nokia Text Messenger is just a small Windows Vista gadget, with which you can view your latest SMS messages, and send new ones, conveniently from your Windows Vista sidebar.

It should work on all Nokia devices compatible with PC Suite, just be sure that you have latest version inst... ..

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+ Update: MiniServer - Get files from your PC using WiFi!

04 January 2008

MiniServer v.042
Easy file exchange with PC via WiFi

Nikos Bakolas from has created a cute PC utility in order to transfer a SIS file from the PC to mobile phone over the WLAN network. Sure it is not as good and powerful as the SymSMB but it is completely free while the SymSMB costs more than a 20 dollars.

MiniServer is a little utility that helps you access your PC files from a web browser through WI-FI without installing anything, without cable, Bluetooth or infrared.

Just drop MiniServer.exe in a directory and run it to publish it's contents through a web-page. Then open a web browser on your mobile, iphone, internet tablet and download fi... .. .

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+ PC Freeware: Nokia PC Phone (beta)

12 December 2007

New application from Nokia Beta Labs
Nokia PC Phone (beta)

It seems that guys over at Nokia Beta labs are pretty busy but also very creative and productive nowadays. Yesterday I briefly inform you that their Download for PC applications got an update and today they surprised me with brand new application.

I’ve just start with downloading (14 MB) soft so I can’t tell you how it looks like in practice as I still didn’t tested it but according to Nokia Beta Labs, Nokia PC Phone is an experimental service that gives you a possibility to use your mobile phone with your Web Browser. You can call, text and manage contacts from your phone. You can also see inco... .. .

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+ Carbide.ui S60 Theme Edition 3.2 for Symbian OS

02 November 2007

Carbide.ui S60 Theme Edition 3.2
for Symbian OS is out!!

Carbide.ui S60 Theme Edition for Symbian OS is a tool that enables the creation of packages to customize the appearance of the user interface on S60 devices. These packages can then be used by any device user to alter the look and feel of their S60 device.

Carbide.ui has been designed with the creative professional in mind. It allows the S60 UI to be customized with full WYSIWYG layout, without the need for layout defi nition coding or specialized mobile design experience. In addition, Carbide.ui can be integrated with a wide ran... .. .

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+ Nokia Video Manager - Convert your videos easy

13 April 2007

Nokia Video Manager
manage and transcode your videos on the fly

In addition to a minor update for PC Suite and iSync plugins for Mac OS, there is a brand new add-on application for the PC Suite, Nokia Video Manager.

Nokia Video Manager offers you a simple solution for transferring your videos from your phone to PC or vice versa – smoothly, efficiently, and with complete ease. The application is a free add-on product to be used together with Nokia PC Sui.. ..

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+ RSC editor

31 March 2005

RSC editor

RSC editor is powerful software made to help you during the internationalising process of your programs, to make your multilingual software, or just translate (localizes) 3rd party application for your kids. RSC files can be use to easily create localised versions of your application/games without changing the actual source code, vital when an external party does the translation.

Also because RSC files are normally quite small, it allows you to distribute just one SIS file that has multiple language dependant RSC files, thereby keeping distribution preparation time dow....

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+ SIS Xplode

27 March 2005

SIS Xplode

If you get frustrated when tried to get various information of a SIS file based totally on thier filename? Well there is something for you, this is small windows utility, easy to install (essentially, just extract one exe), and most of all, it’s free to use in any purpose whatsoever.

So if you need simple, fast and easy to use tool to get all relevant informationtion (app version, UID, etc) from symbian instalation file (sis) just get this utility.

Read more: SIS Xplode by Apocalypso

+ MBM wizard

10 January 2005

MBM wizard

This program is created to hepl people that often use BMP converter to convert btimap formta into MBM format (EPOC/symbianm multiple graphics ...

Read more: MBM wizard by Apocalypso

+ S60 Icon Wizard

10 January 2005

S60 Icon Wizard

You’ve just install game or application and you aren't satisfy how the application icon looks like?

Well, you see, don't worry, S60 Icon wizard brings possibility for changing icons of all 3rd party applications or games on very easy way with minimum graphic skills. Just run it, create icons in few steps, install it or replace aif file manually as well and that’s it.

In fact there are two ways to do it, one is with official Nokia theme studio, but such an icons are related to specific theme. From other side icons created with Icon wizard are unique for all themes, and therefore IMPO its quite better solution.

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+ Symbian Filesystem plugin for Total Commander

10 January 2005

Symbian Filesystem plugin for Total Commander

The plugin allows Total Commander to access the file system of Symbian based mobile devices.

This plugin provides a convenient way of transferring files (e.g. JPGs, application files in the software development cycle) between desk....

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+ Easy GDR creator

10 January 2005

Easy GDR creator

Easy GDR creator is the Symbian/Epoc font creator.

As you might know S60 phones use GDR fonts and therefore we are unable to use standard ttf fonts as the default phone font.

GDR is a multiple font format and as far as I know GDR creator is the only available soft for converting windows ttf font format into symbian GDR format. Detailed application descriptions is available in our very detailed Font creating guide under same Guide section.. ...

Get: Easy GDR creator by Apocalypso

+ Unmake SIS

10 January 2005

Unmake SIS

A must have tool for every power user!!!

This utility has been written to help you laearn more abot Symbian Installation Files and explore trough application and files which comes with them before instaling to phone. You could chk.......


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+ Make SIS

10 January 2005

Make SIS

This utility has been written to help you make Symbian Installation Files without become crazy with scripts. It will help user to rebuild up a program after changing or tuning it, also help you.. ...

Read more : Make sis by Apocalypso

+ SisView plugin for Windows Commander

10 January 2005

SisView plugin for Windows Commander

This is just alternative for Unmake sis ppliacation, try both and decide which one u will use.

This plugin allows you to view and extract the contents of EPOC installation packages (*.sis)...

Read more : Sis view by Apocalypso

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